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About us

Bringing Filipino Flavor to the Masses

Chaps Chunks Chunks Chaps Busse Wade Chunks Wade Wade LL Busse LL Chaps Busse In 2011, the Be More Pacific Filipino food truck took to the streets on a hunch that the American culinary mainstream would like Filipino cooking. But they were wrong, they LOVED IT. Fast forward 6 years and thousands upon thousands of happy customers later they are ready to take that next step, to a brick and mortar, to put their stamp, to showcase the full gamut of flavors of the Philippines.

Business partners Mark Pascual and Giovan Cuchapin, first generation Filipinos from Houston, planted roots in Austin, the perfect incubator for this Filipino experiment. Giovan has held every restaurant job from dishwasher to general manager and Mark with a background in project management, brings the entrepreneurial passion. Together they have accepted their life goal to introduce this cuisine to the masses.

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Filipino Cuisine

What exactly is it?

Filipino food is the product of Malaysian, Chinese, and Spanish flavors and cooking styles. Being a former Spanish territory, their use of vinegars and Spanish spices with a primary focus on poultry and pork is what sets them apart.

In the US, Filipinos have a higher population than Indian, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese. Yet they are the most underrepresented of the mainstream American restaurants. It's been said over and over that Filipino cooking is ready to go mainstream by the likes of Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern and countless others. The Be More Pacific Filipino Kitchen is going to take Philippine flavor to the masses.

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Just a sample...

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Chicken Pancit
Pork Tocino with Rice and Egg (Tosilog)
Vegetable and Tofu Lumpia
Pork Belly Sisig with Rice and Egg
Crispy Lechon
Busse Chaps Wade Chunks Wade Chunks Wade Busse Chunks Chaps LL Chaps Busse LL Sinigang - Tamarind Flavored Stew
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BBQ Pork Spare Ribs
Fried Banana Heart
Chunks Busse Wade Wade Chaps LL Chunks Chaps Chunks Busse Wade LL Busse Chaps Grilled Squid
Fried Fish and Shrimp with BBQ Skewers
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Kare Kare


7858 Shoal Creek Blvd. Austin, TX 78757

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All Night Happy Hour Wednesday Nights

Lunch: 11am - 2:30pm Tue-Fri Happy Hour: 4pm - 6:30pm Tue-Fri Dinner: 4pm - 10pm Tue-Fri Dinner Menu 11am - 10pm Saturday Sunday Brunch 11am - 3pm Wade LL Busse Chunks Busse Chunks Chaps LL Wade Chunks Chaps Wade Busse Chaps Closed Monday